Pruning is an important and common maintenance for garden trees. Here are ten reasons that pruning should be implemented in home gardens or orchards.

  1. To stimulate growth: through proper pruning on a healthy plant, new growth is encouraged and stimulated.
  2. To rejuvenate an older plant: cutting an old shrub back will help rejuvenate it.
  3. To encourage fruit production.
  4. To take cuttings for propagation purposes.
  5. To keep a fast growing tree in bounds.
  6. To give a plant shape, or form topiary and novelty plants and bonsai.
  7. To remove healthy but undesirable growth (suckers, waterspouts, or over-cross growing branches).
  8. To remove dead, dying, or diseased growth.
  9. To reduce transplant shock on a newly planted tree.
  10. To restrict growth from an already full grown tree.
  11. To reduce potential hazards: overgrowth in a high fire hazard area, or cutting crowns around power lines.
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